Charlotte Murals and Dog Photography

I love colorful photos. In the winter when the trees are looking a little sad and the flowers are hibernating, I’ve discovered an awesome way to incorporate color into my photos. I use Charlotte’s amazing selection of hand painted murals as my backdrop.

There are so many to discover and the fun thing is, more are painted all the time.

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Dog Photography Before & After Photos

Is Your Dog a Candidate for a Dog Photography Session?

Are you concerned that your dog can’t be off leash for a photo session therefore he can’t be photographed? Would you believe that most of the dogs I photograph are on leash? I remove it in the editing process. I, along with most of professional photographers typically only post “fully edited” photos.

I realize doing that certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and it can actually give clients the wrong impression so keep reading to see some before and after photos.

Your dog doesn’t have to be the most well trained dog ever to be photographed!

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2018 - My Year in Review

2018 was an amazing year and I think the best way for me to explain it is through my photos. I decided to “try” and choose a favorite photo from each session I had. These are my favorites… because of a memory they helped create or because of a feeling I get when I see them. I’d love to know if you have a favorite. Maybe from these or from my instagram page.

In 2018, I had the privilege of photographing a lot of dogs. Most of them were in Charlotte NC but I also traveled and photographed dogs in Vancouver British Columbia, Dataw Island SC, Nashville, St Louis, Salt Lake City, Reno NV, San Francisco, San Diego, Asheville NC, and New York City.

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