• Choose the session that best suites your needs
  • Click LEARN MORE to complete the inquiry form 
  • We have a pre-session conversation
  • I answer any questions you have
  • You receive the welcome packet
  • We confirm a date, time and location
  • I send you a link to sign the agreement and pay the session fee
  • You complete Your Dog’s Story questionnaire

Dog Photography Wall Art in Charlotte NC.jpg


  • Think about where and how you want to display your art: a custom canvas piece, a more modern metal, a photo collage, a custom photo album, an acrylic block. View the Products page for examples and I have samples I will show you too.
  • The pre-session conversation will be over the phone or in person. I will explain how the process works and answer any questions you have.
  • Send me a photo of any wall space where you'd like to display your custom pieces and during the viewing and ordering appointment I can show you photos taken during the session on your wall in various sizes.




  • Bring treats. We want to reward him for being a rock star!
  • Bring his favorite toys. We'll use them to capture his attention.
  • Have fun! I want him and you to have fun!
  • Be prepared to help with posing your dog. I'll give your instructions on how you can help.
  • Want to be photographed too? It's best to avoid wearing green, magenta or white. Don't forget about your shoes: cute or colorful ones make for great photographs with your pooch.
  • Concerned about your dog’s behavior? Let’s talk about it. Most of the dogs I photograph are on leashes which I can remove in post processing. My years of dog walking and pet sitting experience have given me a lot of insight to a dog's behavior that is really helpful during the photo sessions.
  • Be sure to follow @barkography on Instagram and within a few days after our session, I’ll post a sneak peek.


viewing & ordering

  • Approximately 14 days after our session, you will see your images for the first time, select your favorites, see product samples and place your order.
  • I’ll have custom canvas, metals, photo albums and other products you can see and touch. I am happy to guide you through this process so you are thrilled with your choices.


Your artwork will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. 

Sit back and enjoy your custom artwork.

Keep an eye on my blog for a post featuring your pet.